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News Item - 全球加緊努力應對氣候變化

At the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference, nations around the world came together in an unprecedented show of unity to intensify their efforts in combating climate change. This historic gathering marked a significant step forward in the global fight against rising temperatures and environmental degradation.
在最近舉行的聯(lián)合國氣候變化大會(huì )上,世界各國前所未有地團結起來(lái),加大應對氣候變化的力度。這次歷史性的會(huì )議標志著(zhù)全球在應對氣溫上升和環(huán)境惡化的斗爭中邁出了重要一步。

In a joint declaration issued after the conference, participating countries pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote renewable energy, and adopt sustainable development practices. They also agreed to provide financial and technological support to developing nations to help them adapt to the adverse effects of climate change.
在會(huì )后發(fā)表的聯(lián)合宣言中,與會(huì )國承諾減少溫室氣體排放,推廣可再生能源,并采取可持續發(fā)展的做法。他們還同意向發(fā)展中國家提供資金和技術(shù)支持,幫助它們適應氣候變化的不利影響。

The intensification of global efforts to address climate change comes at a crucial moment. Scientists warn that the planet is facing increasingly severe consequences of rising temperatures, including an increase in the severity of natural disasters, loss of biodiversity, and threats to food and water security. The united front displayed by nations at the climate conference sends a strong signal that the world is committed to taking action to mitigate these risks.
全球加強應對氣候變化的努力正值關(guān)鍵時(shí)刻??茖W(xué)家們警告說(shuō),地球正面臨著(zhù)氣溫上升帶來(lái)的日益嚴重的后果,包括自然災害更加嚴重、生物多樣性喪失、糧食和水安全受到威脅等。各國在氣候大會(huì )上展示的統一戰線(xiàn)發(fā)出了一個(gè)強烈的信號,即全世界都致力于采取行動(dòng)來(lái)減輕這些風(fēng)險。

The success of this global initiative will require continued cooperation and commitment from all countries. By working together, nations can create a more sustainable future for our planet and ensure that the resources we depend on are preserved for generations to come.Call it a day
這一全球倡議的成功需要所有國家的持續合作和承諾。通過(guò)共同努力,各國可以為我們的地球創(chuàng )造一個(gè)更加可持續的未來(lái),并確保我們賴(lài)以生存的資源得以世代保護。


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