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2024有聲讀物聽(tīng)力素材-哈利波特與魔法石 31








Harry followed Hagrid out onto the rock. The sky was quite clear now and the sea gleamed in the sunlight. The boat Uncle Vernon had hired was still there, with a lot of water in the bottom after the storm. "How did you get here?" Harry asked, looking around for another boat. "Flew," said Hagrid. "Flew?" "Yeah—but we'll go back in this. Not supposed to use magic now I've got you."

哈利跟著(zhù)海格走到巖石上。天空現在很晴朗,大海在陽(yáng)光下閃閃發(fā)光。弗農姨父租的船還在那里,暴風(fēng)雨過(guò)后,船底積滿(mǎn)了水?!澳闶窃趺吹竭@里來(lái)的?”哈利問(wèn)道,四處尋找另一艘船?!帮w,”海格說(shuō)?!帮w?”“是的——但我們會(huì )乘這艘船回去。我和你說(shuō)過(guò)我不應該用魔法?!?/p>

They settled down in the boat, Harry still staring at Hagrid, trying to imagine him flying. "Seems a shame to row, though," said Hagrid, giving Harry another of his sideways looks. "If I was to speed things up a bit, would you mind not mentioning it at Hogwarts?" "Of course not," said Harry, eager to see more magic. Hagrid pulled out the pink umbrella again, tapped it twice on the side of the boat, and they sped off toward land. "Why would you be mad to try and rob Gringotts?" Harry asked. 


"Spells—enchantments," said Hagrid, unfolding his newspaper as he spoke. "They say there's dragons guarding the highsecurity vaults. And then you gotta find your way—Gringotts is hundreds of miles under London, see, deep under the Underground. You'd die of hunger trying to get out, even if you did manage to get your hands on summat." Harry sat and thought about this while Hagrid read his newspaper, the Daily Prophet.


Harry had learned from Uncle Vernon that people liked to be left alone while they did this, but it was very difficult, he'd never had so many questions in his life. "Ministry of Magic messing things up as usual," Hagrid muttered, turning the page. "There's a Ministry of Magic?" Harry asked, before he could stop himself. 


"Of course," said Hagrid. "They wanted Dumbledore for Minister, of course, but he'd never leave Hogwarts, so old Cornelius Fudge got the job. Bungler if ever there was one. So he pelts Dumbledore with owls every morning, asking for advice." "But what does a Ministry of Magic do?" "Well, their main job is to keep it from the Muggles that there's still witches and wizards up and down the country." "Why?" "Why? Blimey, Harry, everyone'd be wanting magic solutions to their problems. Nah, we're best left alone."

“當然,”海格說(shuō)。 “當然,他們想讓鄧布利多當部長(cháng),但他永遠不會(huì )離開(kāi)霍格沃茨,所以老康奈利·福吉得到了這份工作。他就是個(gè)笨蛋,每天早上都會(huì )傳來(lái)貓頭鷹,向鄧布利多征求意見(jiàn)?!薄暗Хú渴亲鍪裁吹哪??”“嗯,他們的主要工作是防止麻瓜知道全國各地還有巫師和女巫?!薄盀槭裁??”“為什么?天哪,哈利,每個(gè)人都希望用魔法解決他們的問(wèn)題。我們最好和他們分開(kāi)來(lái)?!?/p>

At this moment the boat bumped gently into the harbor wall. Hagrid folded up his newspaper, and they clambered up the stone steps onto the street. Passersby stared a lot at Hagrid as they walked through the little town to the station. Harry couldn't blame them. Not only was Hagrid twice as tall as anyone else, he kept pointing at perfectly ordinary things like parking meters and saying loudly, "See that, Harry? Things these Muggles dream up, eh?"




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